The Power of Thought

I’ve always been in awe of people who could play musical instruments, juggle, speak multiple languages and perform highly complex tasks. The experience would always leave me pondering the same question, “Do some brains have more capacity than others”.

Let’s start with neuroscience 101.

The brain is made up of many brain cells that are often referred to as neurons. We have millions of neurons and it’s these neurons that give people the ability to achieve amazing things. There are many different types of neurons that do different things e.g. some look after breathing, others look after walking, learning a language or playing a musical instrument. Everything you do stems from your brain cells or neurons forming connections with each other.

The brain cells fire to communicate with each other. E.g. when a child learns to walk a team of neurons group up together by communicating with one another through synaptic firing. Now when a child started to walk he/she probably started to walk but fell down again but after a while they learned to walk without falling down or holding on to anything. What happened in the brain was that a group of neurons joined together to form a team and this group of neurons became responsible for the child’s walking. At first because the neurons didn’t know each other very well, they were not used to working together and that is why the child found that he/she could walk a little but kept falling over. As the neurons got used to teaming up with each other the circuit started to become more efficient. The neurons, through repeated contact with each other now became a team of neurons that when activated allowed the child to walk. All the child now need do is decide that they want to walk from one place to another and the body will automatically respond. The same applies to anything from driving a car to juggling. At the beginning we have to consciously think about the task but when we become more efficient through repeated efforts the task becomes a subconscious act.

So to answer my initial question – “do some brains have more capacity than others?

No, unless a brain has been physical damaged, all brains have the potential to achieve amazing things. All we need to do is learn how to make it work for us.

The most profound discovery I made was that every thought we have is linked to a group of neurons making a connection, so if we have a thought that we can’t do maths or art, unfortunately the brain doesn’t say ,”that’s a silly thought”, it just takes on every thought as being true. If a person thinks they can’t do something, then a group of neurons will form that will prevent them from doing it.

Henry ford said it best in his famous quotation, “wither you think you can or you think you can’t, you are probably right.”

The fabric of what we can achieve is woven with the power of thought.

The mind is everything. What you think you become”. Buddha

in bloomTo foster a mind-set of growth and self-development, there are certain seeds that we must plant for self-development to blossom.

  • The seed of positivity
  • The seed of accepting failure
  • The seed of commitment and perseverance
  • The seed of contentment

Planting these seeds will provide you with an orchard of abundance and happiness.

Last year I planted these seeds with my son, I set him the goal of juggling and watched him blossom before my eyes.

I learned that you cannot change physically without changing mentally. The juggling challenge developed new levels of self-confidence, self-belief, and self-discipline. He grew from being initially frustrated with his progress to participating in local talent shows.

The good news is that the brain is very plastic and has the ability to form new connections and pathways whenever someone decides to do so. Remember every time neurons come together they give someone the opportunity to grow and excel.

What’s my challenge to you?

Tackle a new skill. Try to juggle, the rewards cut far deeper than the tricks people can see.

As previously stated, the real secret to learning and achievement lies in what we think, what we think determines how we perform. You cannot separate what we think from who we are because who we are come from our brain. We have the ability to change and develop new neurons to achieve amazing things all we need to do is decide whether we want to access our brains amazing potential.