The OBF principles of Wellness – No 5 – Practice Gratitude

The OBF principles of Wellness – No 5 – Practice Gratitude
The OBF Principles Of WELLNESS
• Know your values and live them.
• Surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Who is in your circle?
• Weed out actions and relationships that do not support you.
• Have what you want AND want what you have.
• Practice gratitude.
• Breath, bounce, sweat and move.
• Eat nature’s food and play natures rules.
• Find activities that give you a sense of purpose and connectedness.
• Align your life actions to your life’s purpose.

Principle 5 • Practice Gratitude
One day a father arrived home after a long day’s work, he sat at his chair in front of the television and pulled out his newspaper, suddenly his 8 year old son came running into the room, “Dad you’re home, let’s go out and play “cried the boy, “not now”, replied his father, “I am tired after my long day’s work and I want to relax for a while”. The child was persistent “please Dad, please “he cried as he pulled at the corner of his father’s newspaper. “Soon, I’ll play soon” his father grunted and in desperation pulled out a page from the newspaper that had an image of the globe on it. He tore the page into little pieces and threw it on the ground. “Now son “, he said “if you put the globe back together I will go straight out and play”. The young boy looked at his father, smiled and went straight to work. His father turned his attention to his newspaper and put his feet up. Within moments his attention was once again broken by a cry from his son, “now Dad, done”, his father looked down and to his utter amazement the boy had pieced the picture back together, the man couldn’t believe his eyes saying, “How did you do it so fast?” The little boy looked up and said “when you tore up the picture I noticed a picture of a man on the back of it. I just knew that if I figured out the person the world would be easy.”
I love that story, figure out yourself and the world becomes easier to navigate. I’m not going to spend time writing about why we need change, just look around you. The “normal” is broken, depression, lack of purpose, addictions and self-limitation has become the dominant paradigm. Take stress as an example, stress experts have shown that we experience 100 times more stress than our ancestors who lived just 100 years ago. The reasons for this are mostly to do with our own perceptions of the world. Add to that magnetic radiation, more complex relationships and friendships, pollution, longer work hours, increased reliance on drugs and medications and it’s no wonder we’re seeing so much stress related illness.
One of these best antidotes to the points I made above is showing kindness and gratitude to others as it is the only way forward to true happiness and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.
Ask yourself , Are you guilty of thinking that everything would be better in your life, if you had something else, more money, a new job, a new car, a new house?.
If we are given these things we may be happy, for a little while, but the things that are wrong in our life would still be the same and we will not be happy for long.
Instead it is better to be grateful for what we have, instead of wishing for what we do not have.
Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
7 OBF principles for cultivating gratitude
• Gratitude is independent of life circumstances
• Gratitude is a function of attention
• Entitlement precludes gratitude
• We often take for granted what we receive on a regular basis.
• Gratitude can be cultivated through sincere self-reflection.
• Expressing gratitude, through words and deeds, enhances our experience of gratitude.
• Our deepest sense of gratitude comes through glance, with the awareness that we have not earned, nor do deserve all that we have been given.

The 5 minute journal is a great resource to help you cultivate the habit of practicing gratitude. With little tips and ideas, it makes the process more user friendly and its allows you to record and process your daily activities.