The OBF principles of Wellness – No 3 – Weed out actions and relationships that do not support you?

The OBF Principles Of WELLNESS
• Know your values and live them.
• Surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Who is in your circle?
• Weed out actions and relationships that do not support you.
• Have what you want AND want what you have.
• Practice gratitude.
• Breath, bounce, sweat and move.
• Eat nature’s food and play natures rules.
• Find activities that give you a sense of purpose and connectedness.
• Align your life actions to your life’s purpose.

Principle 3 • Weed out actions and relationships that do not support you.
We have already discovered how the people you surround yourself with play a major role in supporting your passion and life journey however a big part of the journey towards change involves recognising that the power to change lies within and that you can blame anyone else for what you chose to do with your life.
Anything that pushes you away from being the best version of yourself is a distracting force. Its will present itself in the form of poor habits, relationships and/or a combination of both. It can be looked at as a limiting factor that is preventing you from moving forward. The first step to overcoming these limiting factors is to define and acknowledge them. This takes some honest reflection on your part. Write is down and think long and hard about the consequence of maintaining the relationship or habit. It could be a habit, behaviour, thought, feeling, emotion, personality trait, result or relationship you don’t want. IT MUST BE SOMETHING YOU WANT TO CHANGE NOT SOMETHING SOMEONE ELSE WANTS TO CHANGE ABOUT YOU. It can be something you want to stop doing or a positive direction that you are moving in that you want to reinforce.
The next step is to create boundaries/ triggers / techniques to support you new behaviour. If you live a very sedate lifestyle and the lack of movement is your limiting factor, then setting 5 min movement block throughout the day can act as a trigger to support your new behaviour of leading a more active lifestyle. Alarms, reminders and text alerts can acts as conscious reminders to get the work done. Aiming to go X amount of days without breaking the habit creates streaks that’s acts as a great motivator to continue. (Much like snapchat and other social media and marketing campaigns). Aim for just one days at a time with the goal of being better than yesterday. This build consistency and consistency builds results. The “Way of life” app is a great tool to help you create good habits and behaviours.