test-keeganAdrian O Brien is a true pioneer of the industry. Since our first contact he’s been genuine, warm and enthusiastic. I have no doubt that he will continue to change many lives of those who come to work with him and his reach will expand across Europe as an educator in the months and years to come.
Keegan Smith, Real Movement Project

Steve CotterI’m very fortunate to visit a lot of excellent coaches and great training facilities around the worlds. In 2015 I was invited to teach a Kettlebell seminar at O’Brien Fitness & Performance in Kilmallock, Ireland. I became very impressed over those three days getting to know Adrian O’Brien and to watch him work. His level of dedication to his craft as a strength and conditioning coach and his dedication to his gym clients is really second to none. He really gives his heart and soul and is a good, honest, hard-working family man. I have nothing but respect for him, and anyone in Limerick County looking for a great trainer need look no further.
Steve Cotter; Founder and Director,
International KettleBell and Fitness Federation

I have typed and deleted these words so many times, in the bid to write and convey a deserving message for Adrian. It’s for a simple reason- his work as a coach and that commitment to improving is evident in everything he does. From the searching and in depth questions when he attended my Core workshops and then later inviting me to train his members is a testament to his openness to learn and equally expose his members to other coaches. I genuinely learn from Adrian when he posts up exercises. A clear example of a coach that is applying what he has learned, putting it into practice and then letting his experience find out what works best for both him and his clients. He is more than a coach.  His facility in Kilmallock is another example of a solid, principle driven man that has a great business. A performance based facility that has fostered an outstanding community of people that can move. Stop reading and go and see this man if you are in need of change, or you want to improve.

Andy IRONMAC McKenzie, Combined Strength www.ironmacfitness.com


Rik BrownWorking with Adrian O’Brien has been a highlight of my career. Watching him conduct classes at his gym (Where stiff competitive spirit is blended with close bonding friendships) has taught me much about the true nature of coaching. Adrian is the gold, silver and bronze in one package, and his students are to be envied. I don’t speak any Gaelic, but I’m sure that the word for “integrity”, must be “O’Brien”. Go team OBF!!
Rik Brown, The Mace Man

I am a Physical Education teacher in St Colman’s College and also I am lucky enough to be a member of team OBF. I have been teaching in the school for 8 years now and I have seen a change in the boys’ culture over the years.  The boys in the school today are big into being “body beautiful” and been really interested in strength and conditioning in an effort to try and improve themselves as GAA players. My main concern is a lack of education the boys receive in gyms about what they are doing and why they’re doing it. I decided therefore, to invite Adrian into the school to discuss this with the boys. Adrian discussed not only these concerns but so much more. 

  1. He explained how he believes physical development should occur. This was totally different what the boys themselves would have believed. 
  2. He explained the benefits of never giving up (in life) and that the only time you’ll never reach your goals is when you stop. “Your past does not determine your future. BE PATIENT”
  3. He told the boys not to live life passively but to actively take control of it by consistently challenging themselves in their school work or whatever they are interested in. 

 Adrian held the boys total attention for the entire time of the presentation and when the bell went for lunch, not one of the 60+ boys moved or even noticed that lunch had begun. When I went into school Friday, the boys bombarded me with questions about break through movement that they wished to undertake and to express their delight that Adrian had accepted their friend request on facebook.  Adrian’s presentation has been the highlight of the year for a lot of the boys. Adrian, thanks a million a true gent!

Pat Donnelly, St. Coleman’s College Fermoy

Since joining OBF over a year ago it has not alone changed my exercise & fitness levels but changed my whole outlook in life. Adrian supports all levels of fitness and grades and pushes you to levels you never thought possible. I, my husband & children have benefited in regard to nutrition , exercise and mentally. Adrian is holistic in his approach, a brilliant leader and motivator.

I have also made great friends on the journey which I hope to embrace for the rest of my life! I would highly recommend OBF to all.
Hazel O Regan

I have been going to Adrian for the past 5 years – when I started I was stuck in a rut, tired, lacked confidence,  was unfit and out of shape. Adrian has a great reputation for developing others with a strong desire to help people succeed. He has a very down to earth manner which is very welcoming and encouraging. He has a learning attitude and is willing to share with his OBF members knowledge and advice.

You’ll get fit, strong, learn good eating habits and be the best form of you, Since joining OBF I have met some of the best people who simply want to incorporate healthy living into their lifestyle. My life is changed for the better – I feel healthier and happy. Adrian is one of the best in this business who will find your strength and ability.
Brid O Sullivan

I have been to a lot of gyms down through the years but OBF really has it all. Great facility , great people and run by a great guy. Adrian’s approach is top class. His knowledge and ability is incredible. But it’s his desire to impart this knowledge to his clients is what makes this place unique.
Pio O Regan

I joined OBF a few months ago with a view to losing weight and getting fitter and stronger. I have always struggled with my weight and I’ve joined numerous gyms and attended various classes over the years in an attempt to get in shape. I would turn up to the gym and work my way through some generic programme with very little instruction. I have to say that I hated every minute of it. I had heard about Adrian through a good friend of mine and a few months ago I decided to join and I haven’t looked back since.

Adrian is an excellent coach with a positive attitude that filters through to everyone in the gym. The classes are small with lots of individual instruction on how to perform the exercises correctly.  Adrian doesn’t believe in everyone getting through as many reps as possible no matter what the form is, he focuses on the quality of the movement ensuring that we get the most benefit from that exercise. There are gym members with varying levels of fitness but I never feel like I am any slower or worse than anyone else. Adrian has regression exercises to suit everyone’s level. This means that nobody feels inadequate or feels left behind.

Adrian has instilled a real team spirit in the gym. Everyone is so welcoming of new members, everyone wants you to succeed, there is no judgement and after a few months I can honestly say that every time I workout in OBF, I am working out with my friends. Adrian believes in the power of a team. On our own we can reach a good level of fitness but working out as part of a team we can truly excel. I heard before about why geese fly in a V shape when they migrate – the strongest bird goes out front and the others follow behind in a V shape slightly below the bird in front resulting in a reduction of wind resistance and enabling them to fly 70% further than if they were to fly solo. The birds function far more efficiently working as a group. This is also true in OBF. With team OBF behind me, I truly feel that I will reach my goal a lot faster than if I was trying on my own.

Adrian is constantly keeping us motivated and is a great believer in educating the gym members. He runs workshops in mobility, kettlebells, nutrition and mindfulness. He cares about educating us and reminds us that this is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. We are currently doing a 6 week challenge where Adrian gives us extra home workouts and access to a closed Facebook page where all the members can share recipes and ideas and motivate each other. When I joined OBF I expected to have to work hard and give 100% commitment to reach my goals but what I didn’t expect was that I would become part of the OBF family. Thank you Adrian and Team OBF.
Joanne Hayes