OBF GYM Membership

OBF Gym Membership

Constant development and improvement is part of the OBF ethos, and with this in mind we have restructured our membership options to offer more choice to our clients.

Over the past 2 years we have noticed a consistent trend, the people who train with more consistency and frequency, develop and progress faster. Our primary goal is to facilitate that growth. We are continually investing our time and resources in our education in order to provide the best possible service to #teamobf. The primary goal of this restructure is to make it easier for #teamobf to access more time in the gym and make better gains in strength, mobility, skill and work capacity. We acknowledge that some people are happy with the current system, you will not be affected and can remain on the same package, and if you want to push to the next level we can now facilitate that. Download the latest gym schedule.

Your reward will be a result of how much you invest.
Small investments give mediocre returns, bigger investments give bigger returns.

OBF Active

OBF-Logo-ACTIVEThis package is designed for people who are active outside the OBF gym. The package allows the freedom to attend 2 sessions per week, Monthly Saturday Seminars and VOMIT.

Existing Members: €210. New Members: €250
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OBF Evolution

OBF-Logo-EVOLUTIONThis package is designed for new members. It gives you the freedom to attend 2 strength classes and 1 conditioning session per week. This will give you a good base to improve and lay the foundations for moving onto the OBF Ignition programme. This also covers access to VOMIT and the Monthly Saturday Seminar.

New Members: €330
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OBF Ignition

OBF-Logo-IGNITIONWe have observed a consistent trend over the last 2 years, once you have built up a solid base of strength and mobility adding frequency is the next step to unlocking higher levels of performance in body composition, strength, conditioning, self-belief and confidence. This is a premium package with 6 sessions per week. Download an example OBF Ignition Sample Programme.

Existing Members: €330. New Members: €405
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