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OBF GYM Membership

A member orientated gym built on the OBF Values and Adrian’s unique fitness philosophy. The gym offers limited membership with a full timetable of semi-private classes. Read more.

Membership Options
OBF Active

This package is designed for people who are active outside the OBF gym. The package allows the freedom to attend 2 sessions per week, Saturday Seminars and VOMIT

OBF Evolution
This package is designed for new members who are new to OBF. It gives them the freedom to attend two strength classes and one conditioning session per week. This will give them a good base to improve and lay the foundations for moving to the OBF Ignition program. This also covers access to VOMIT and the monthly in-house seminar.

OBF Ignition
This package is based around frequency, we have observed a consistent trend over the last 2 years, people who train with consistency and high frequency get better results all round. Once you have built a solid base of strength and mobility adding frequency is the next step to unlocking higher levels of performance in body composition, strength, conditioning, self-belief and confidence. This is the premium package with 6 sessions per week.

Membership Options

OBF Beginners Bootcamp

Want to kick-start your fitness?

Lose weight?

Have fun and make great friends?

Talk to OBF about our Beginners Bootcamp. Email us or ring 087 9805464


We offer morning and evening sessions, you can choose which session time suits you best and move between morning and evening sessions.
– Morning session: Tuesday and Thursday at 11am
– Evening session: Wednesday at 7pm and Friday at 6pm

Cost: €70pm, 2 sessions per week.


OBF CORE Online Training Program

A progressive core program, designed to help you build strength from the inside. Contains 3 workouts a week. Instructional videos on each exercise will be sent to you on purchase of the program.

Price: €60

OBF MOBILITY Online Training Program

A mobility exercise program focusing on upper and lower body mobility to achieve freedom of movement and promote wellbeing. The movements will improve your resilience to injury and help you develop strength and mobility.

Price: €50