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I believe that as a coach you have a unique opportunity to empower and make a real difference with the people you serve. I am a values based coach, I live and coach through the values of honesty, respect, positivity , self-development and trust. I believe as coaches, we have a unique chance to help people get in touch with their core values. When they gain that clarity and sense of purpose, seemingly everything becomes easier, making decisions, choosing next steps, recognizing sooner when they’re off-track. The confidence and fulfilment that comes with living and working in alignment with their values allows them to flourish with meaning and purpose. I believe in creating an environment that encourages people to learn and develop in and out of the gym, through good and bad times. Values and teamwork underpin my philosophy by creating a values driven culture that empowers people to lead thus creating a duel management structure. Reflection is at the core of my philosophy in an open environment that allows both clients and coaches to evolve.

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